Diversity Recruitment: Business Growth & Inclusion in 2023

As we move further into 2023, it’s becoming increasingly clear that diversity and inclusion (DEI) initiatives are no longer optional in the recruitment process. A business may experience negative effects on creativity and growth due to a dearth of diversity. In fact, studies have shown that diverse teams generate almost 20% more revenue than those lacking in diversity. As such, businesses need to scrutinize their recruitment policies and make a conscious effort to recruit for diversity. 

Rethink Your Job Postings 

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One of the first steps businesses can take to ensure diversity in their workforce is to think carefully about the language used in job postings. Using inclusive language and avoiding male-coded phrases can make a significant difference in attracting diverse candidates. In addition, including an empathetic diversity statement in your job posting can create an inclusive atmosphere from the start of the recruitment process. It’s also helpful to mention any awards or accolades the business has received for diversity hiring, such as ‘The Winds of Change Award from The Forum of Workplace Inclusion.

Use Blind CV Assessments in Diversity Recruitment

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Blind resumes and CV assessments are another valuable tool in the recruitment process. Studies have shown that ethnic minority applicants need to send out significantly more applications than those with white-sounding names to achieve the same success rate. Removing names, ages, genders, and postcodes from resumes and CVs before assessment can remove opportunities for bias to enter the recruitment process.

Implement Inclusive Interviewing Techniques 

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Inclusive interviewing is also essential in the DEI recruitment process. Standardizing interview questions and conducting structured interviews can help minimize personal factors from infiltrating the hiring decision. It’s important to generate self-awareness of your own biases and consider unconscious bias training modules and workshops.

Succession Planning is Crucial to Longevity 

wooden chess pawns beside black post-it note that reads succession planningSuccession planning is also key to ensuring diversity and inclusion throughout the organization. Initiatives that only focus on entry-level recruitment leave middle employees without anyone to look up to, which can lead to them leaving their job due to a lack of diversity. Employers should consider lateral workplace diversity when looking at how to progress talent internally, and bad succession planning can leave organizations lagging.

Accountability is Critical in Diversity Recruitment 

ripped paper with the typed words 'it starts with you'Finally, accountability is crucial to the success of DEI initiatives. Employers need to take actions that speak louder than words. Employers should be committed to questioning candidate lists that show a lack of diversity and following up on feedback that appears biased. Being part of a Race Fairness Commitment, which ensures equal access to opportunities for all candidates, is a terrific way to hold your employer brand accountable and contribute to the larger DEI movement. 

Use the YM Careers Network to Jumpstart Your Diversity Recruitment Initiatives in 2023! 

DEI initiatives and recruiting for diversity are no longer just a trend. They are now an essential part of the recruitment process. Businesses that want to take this agenda seriously need to incorporate resume and CV blind assessments, inclusive interviewing, and succession planning into their recruitment policies. Doing so will help them attract diverse candidates, promote inclusion throughout their organization, and improve their overall business performance. To streamline your DEI recruitment plan, connect with our recruitment specialists at the YM Careers Network.  

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