A niche talent pool for nearly every hard-to-fill job.

The world’s #1 source for niche talent.

Nearly 10 million niche resumes across our network of sites

More than 1.4 million validated recruiters have used YM Careers job boards

More than 300 million job views annually by qualified candidates

Hire high-performers for hard-to-fill positions.

The YM Careers Network is built on partnerships developed with thousands of professional and trade associations over more than 20 years. Employers market their jobs through our network of job boards to members with specific professional skills, competencies, and experience.

The YM Careers Network of associations serves more than 40 million professional members like doctors, surgeons, nurse practitioners, physician assistants, healthcare specialists, attorneys, engineers, marketers, fundraisers, certified HR professionals, veterinary professionals and more.

Specialized high performing candidates

People join associations for professional education and growth, networking, and to keep up with industry best practices. Association members tend to be the highest performing and most dedicated professionals in their fields. 

The largest and most diverse network

The YM Careers Network uses sophisticated matching technology to target jobs to the right professionals, driving high-quality candidates into the talent pipeline for a faster, more efficient recruiting process.

Job posting is as easy as 1-2-3.

Purchase job exposure across the YM Careers Network in three easy steps:


Connect with a YM Careers Network recruitment expert

Our team of professionals will discuss your recruitment objectives and create a customized package to fill your talent pipeline with high quality candidates.


Distribute your jobs to the right career sites

As your open positions become available, your assigned recruitment expert will ensure that jobs are marketed through the right channels to attract highly qualified candidates.


Monitor results for the most efficient recruiting process

Once jobs are posted and distributed to members and registered job seekers, you will receive reporting and analytics so you can measure performance and make adjustments.