Recruitment Solutions

Recruit hard-to-find talent through their trusted professional communities.

Locate hard-to-hire talent with YM Careers Network.

Efficiently drive the highest quality applicants.

Target your jobs through niche association job boards and match with the right professionals

Automatically send jobs  through the YM Careers Network to reach the right candidates.

Open positions are compared to our vast job seeker databases and qualified candidates are invited to apply.

Job posts can be upgraded to increase job seeker response.

All jobs are optimized for search engines like Google and mobile viewing.

Reach passive candidates through email and other member communications channels

Jobs in Job Flash™ emails are sent to member databases, delivering your open positions to the inbox of the talent you need.

Jobs are promoted in niche association social media feeds, digital newsletters, website widgets, retargeting and banner advertisements.

Attend associations’ on-site and virtual career fairs.



Distribute your open jobs programmatically across the Internet for ultimate job exposure

Supplement your niche job board postings with programmatic job distribution across the web to make YM Careers Network your one-stop shop for hiring niche talent.

Upgrade job posts to distribute jobs across the web with pay-per-click/apply sponsorship, or to sites marketed to diverse or veteran candidates.

Speak with a recruitment expert.

 Our team of experts makes recruitment advertisement quick and easy.

Get your jobs in front of the right professionals.

Professionals in specialized fields are hard to recruit and often employed. Market your jobs to the passive job-seeking members of professional associations.

Generalist job boards often miss the mark.

Marketing jobs through generalist job boards, job aggregators, and programmatic job distribution typically misses 80%+ of potential candidates who are not actively looking for jobs. These professionals may be interested in a recommended opportunity with the right commute, better pay, or a next logical career step. YM Careers Network gives you access to these candidates.

Hire the best with
YM Careers Network.

With YM Careers Network, you can find and recruit professionals actively engaged in their professional communities. Individuals  committed to professional development with certified skills, education, and experience make the best new hires.

Employer branding solutions for maximum results.

Drive qualified candidates to your open jobs for efficient recruiting. 

Job Board Banner Advertising

Make your brand the first thing candidates see when job searching

Job Flash™ Email Banner Advertising

Feature your brand at the top of the Job Flash email that is sent to members

Job Board Candidate Retargeting

Retarget candidates who visited the job board with your employer ad as they visit sites across the web

Employer Profiles and Logos

Tell your story in a detailed employer profile and enhance your job postings with visuals like your logo – all at no charge

Featured Employer

Promote your brand on the relevant job board home pages, where candidates can easily click to see all your open jobs

Recruitment Guides

Advertise your company and open positions in a printed or digital guide sent to association members and handed out to annual meeting attendees

Exhibit at on-site and virtual career fairs.

Find and connect with skilled candidates at niche career events.

Recruit members at association annual conferences, and live and online career fairs throughout the year.