4 Ways to Win the Battle for Niche Talent

The labor market is becoming more and more skill-focused, which means people with technological literacy, a global understanding, and a flexible and multifaceted skillset are invaluable resources to employers. Companies that understand this win the battle to attract hard-to-find talent with creative and memorable hiring practices.

To be successful, start with confidence, carving out your employer brand within your niche. Make it apparent to anyone who encounters your company, your product, or your employees what your niche is and why you stand out.

Make it easy to see why candidates choose to work for you.

Let’s look at some examples for inspiration.

There tend to be a few different kinds of companies that attract the best-of-the-best:

  • The Big Names (e.g. Google, NASA)

These are leaders in their market, standing out with innovative practices and an abundance of awards. They are household names, so you likely see their names and logos everywhere. Competitive and high-achieving candidates are attracted to companies like these because they like to win!

  • The “Work Hard, Play Hard” Type

Startups and entrepreneurs looking to achieve a vision, or who want something different for the future need to hire employees who think outside the box, are self-motivated, and can roll with the punches. Employers like this emphasize the end goal, helping employees to feel they are part of a team working with a shared purpose. Employees want to make a difference, aren’t afraid of a challenge, and want to stand out from the crowd.

  • The Corporate Connection

Big companies who have established their brand and message tend to draw in employees who value stability, a sense of purpose, and believe in what the company is doing. These employees are proud of their employer and its reputation.

  • The Flex Model

Employers who encourage employees to find a work-life balance and provide benefits to help them achieve that goal will attract loyal workers who value a flexible work model. These employees often juggle multiple priorities and appreciate working for a company that understands the many demands they must meet. Increased PTO, competitive insurance, flexible hours, remote options, and other perks might be a good idea to draw in these kinds of candidates.

If you want a solid pipeline of candidates, examine your employer brand and current workforce. Notice any patterns, and work to pin down the exact message you want to put out to attract the right talent for your company.

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