Attracting the world’s top niche candidates.

There are countless benefits to using online recruitment tools to reach qualified candidates, such as saving time, money, and casting a broader candidate net.

Marketing jobs through mass job boards, job aggregators and programmatic job distribution typically misses the 80%+ of potential candidates who are not actively looking for jobs but may be interested in an opportunity that is recommended to them and brings with it the right commute, better pay, a stronger employer brand, or a next logical career step.

How to Attract the world’s top niche candidates.

Quality niche talent is hard to find for a reason. The candidates you’d like to attract most are already working in a similar role. Recruiting for hard to fill positions is successful with niche job boards that offer access to their passive members and job seekers.

Here are some tips on how to attract and connect with niche candidates to fill your open positions quickly with highly qualified talent.

Reaching Passive Job Seekers

Connecting with passive candidates requires access to multiple marketing channels in places highly qualified candidates visit and interact with regularly.

Send your job to the inboxes of association members and job seekers in a dedicated jobs email. Appear on association websites, social media feeds, and e-newsletters that share recently posted jobs with followers, visitors, and subscribers.

Has your job been distributed across the internet programmatically? Select upgrades purchase traffic using “real time campaign optimization” allowing ads to follow users on well-trafficked websites.

Talent Sourcing

If you’re seeking specialized skills, Resume Banks and filtering tools help save time candidate sourcing. You can reach out to compelling resume owners, en mass, to promote your current openings or create a talent pipeline for future opportunities.

Maximizing Job Exposure

Distribute your jobs automatically across hundreds of relevant association job boards. All jobs are optimized and immediately matched to exactly the right candidates based on the niche, vertical, skills, certifications, and location you are targeting.

Vetting Applicants

Using online resources helps keep applicant information organized and creates a pleasant candidate experience. Many candidates pair their online applications with links to their professional websites or LinkedIn accounts, allowing you to learn more about them. Ultimately, this additional knowledge share makes vetting easier and results in a timelier candidate selection.

The good news, with YM Careers Network you have the world’s best solution for finding niche, hard to hire talent. With access to unique, highly qualified candidates, you can find, and recruit professionals actively engaged in their professional communities. Individuals committed to professional development with certified skills, education, and experience makes them the best new hires – and YM Careers Network is the best place to find them!

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