Building Brand Awareness to Attract Hard-to Find Talent

Leading talent are using their professional associations for access to top industry jobs. These qualified candidates join professional organizations within the first 5 years of employment. They trust their professional organization for all things related to their industry.

Professional organizations provide industry updates, networking and mentoring opportunities. Members also gain access to career advancement and professional development resources, creating a concentrated pool of ideal candidates.

If you want to reach the pool of leading niche talent for your hard-to-fill jobs, consider posting openings on their association’s job board.

Targeted ads sharing information about your company’s culture are the foundation for building strong brand awareness and acceptance with today’s qualified professionals. Advertising under a name that already evokes trust, like a professional association catering to industry professionals, is a seamless way to increase confidence.

How to Attract Hard-to-Find Talent

Job seekers today absorb information mostly in transit, so a blended advertisement strategy is crucial for maximizing ROI. Consider the following options to strengthen your brand identity with hard to reach, active, and passive job seekers.

Become an association sponsor.

Take advantage of virtual branding opportunities that would typically be seen at in-person events. Associations are getting more creative with sponsorship ads, meals, testimonial sessions, and branded gifts that can be made available to virtual attendees through the mail, coordinated food delivery, pre-recorded videos, and digital ads. Request access to attendee data to seek connections during or after the event and maximize ROI.

Purchase space in a virtual career fair or digital recruitment guide.

Connect directly with qualified candidates—interview dozens of applicants in a couple of hours when you purchase a digital booth. Attract interested professionals with an embedded video ad talking about your opportunity in a digital recruitment guide that reaches hundreds of event attendees and registered members

Post ads on an association job board.

You can reach more qualified candidates for your open jobs when you post on industry-specific association job boards. Professionals leverage their association memberships to get the latest industry news, peer connections, and employment opportunities. Ads placed on highly traffic webpages will attract thousands of views a week.

Create a Company Profile.

Strengthen your brand identity by creating a free Company Profile on an association job board that caters to industry professionals. With more high performers searching for new opportunities, include a logo, information about what sets your company apart from competitors, and makes it a great place to work. Be sure to use inclusive language and salary information in your job description to encourage diversity and wage equality.

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