5 Ways to Increase Applicant Traffic to Your Online Job Ad

Tiana Nadeau

June 23, 2021

    5 Ways to Increase Applicant Traffic to Your Online Job Ad


    When it comes to attracting the best candidates, effective company branding is essential for recruiting. Your company image will have a direct bearing on candidate interest. Feelings around your company’s brand will be subject to public opinion cultivated through company practices, stances on trending issues, employee reviews, and company culture.

    Building a brand strategy will allow you to control the dialog surrounding your company, thereby attracting and retaining leading talent. Check out this article on Hubspot for building an effective employer branding strategy.

    Successful branding is vital for attracting the most qualified applicants.

    Once created, implementing your strategy will include choosing the proper channels for sharing your brand messaging. In online recruitment, the right channels are critical for driving candidate traffic to your online job ads. Digital marketing channels include earned media, owned media, and paid media.

    • Earned media refers to media activity generated by customers or news outlets.
    • Owned media is publicity gained from web property controlled by and unique to an organization.
    • Paid media is marketing you pay for to promote content and drive traffic. Paid media includes pay-per-click ads, social media ads, and banner ads.

    While there are many ways to garner earned media, SEO, and traffic for your brand, paid media is the best way to drive traffic to your online job postings. And traffic is critical when you are advertising an open job opportunity to potential candidates.

    How do you decide where to spend your paid media budget?

    Online job searches are still the most popular method of finding opportunities for active job seekers. Focusing paid media advertising on trusted job boards is an excellent way to capture candidate attention. Introducing your company brand in those locations will build recognition and interest.

    Where are niche candidates looking for jobs?

    Niche professionals trust their association’s job board to connect them with their next employment opportunity. Those qualified niche professionals will trust any ads associated with the job board or communications from the job board.

    Here are five ways to increase candidate traffic to your next job posting with the YM Careers Network.

    1. Job Board Banner Advertising

    Make your brand the first thing candidates see when job searching. Place a standard-sized ad in a prime location of the job board homepage. Attract thousands of job views from leading niche professionals.


    2. Job Flash™ Email Banner Advertising

    Feature your brand with an ad at the top of the Job Flash™ email sent to thousands of specialized members of professional associations that make great candidates and aren’t available through other recruitment channels.

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    3. Job Board Candidate Retargeting

    Retarget candidates who visited the job board with your employer ad as they visit sites across the web. Re-direct those qualified professionals back to your job posting as potential candidates.

    4. Featured Employer

    Promote your brand on the relevant job board home pages, where candidates can easily click to see all your open jobs. Your featured logo will quickly increase brand awareness with industry job seekers on a site they trust for finding employment opportunities.

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    5. Recruitment Guides

    Advertise your company and open positions in a printed or digital guide sent to association members and attendees (physically and virtually) during annual meetings. Include images and videos to capture the attention of digital readers and share content about your organization’s open positions.

    Don’t miss an opportunity to implement your branding strategy to an audience of future candidates. Increase brand awareness and start attracting hard-to-reach talent with the skills and experience you’re looking for.

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