How to decide the best advertising channel for your recruitment budget

Online advertising is an essential part of any recruitment strategy to find the best candidates for your open jobs. The trick is choosing the right channel to get the best results, for the right price.

So, how do you decide on the best advertising channel for your recruitment dollars?

The answer. It depends on what kind of position you’re trying to fill.

Standard Recruitment

Companies with easy-to-fill jobs will get many applicants using job aggregators like Indeed, Glassdoor, and Ziprecruiter which use pay-per-click (PPC) advertisements.

These PPC giants use clickable ads to deliver tons of traffic to the jobs posted on their sites. PPC ads require payment regardless of whom is clicking the ad.

The goal of the aggregator is to drive traffic, so success is measured by quantity, not quality, of applicants driven to your job posting. And because these sites are used by professionals outside of your industry, they can drive the wrong kind of traffic to your post. An expensive investment!

Niche Recruitment

If you are looking for professionals with a more specialized skill set, the alternative pay-to-post job advertisement model would be more rewarding. This option has a fixed price point for a specified time frame, usually 30 to 60 days.

Job boards that employ this type of pricing structure have access to a pool of qualified candidates, so the advantage is quality applicants for harder to fill openings.

Picking the Right Package

Different product options can offer exposure to a broader audience while still staying on target when you use the right pay-to-post platform. Products that extend your job posting to other channels visited by the same pool of qualified candidates strengthens your employer brand and keeps your job top of mind. Research shows the more times we see an ad, the more likely we are to click on it.

Here are three channels for reaching exclusive talent with the YM Careers Network.

  • Jobs email – Increase your chances of attracting high-performing passive professionals by delivering your job ad directly to their inboxes.
  • Social media – Associations share your job ad on their Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn accounts for their professional members to see and share.
  • Widgets – Featured job ads are included on the associations highly visited webpages like the homepage and in e-newsletters.

Gaining access to the members of professional organizations will super-charge your recruitment efforts. The YM Careers Network enables employers to market jobs to members with specific skills, competencies, and experiences through multiple relevant industry associations.

The associations together serve more than 30 million professional members like doctors, surgeons, NPs, Pas, healthcare specialists, attorneys, engineers, marketers, fundraisers, certified HR professionals, veterinary professionals, and many more.

Learn how to access to a network of professional organizations in your industry of choice to reach hundreds of thousands of qualified candidates.

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