How to Use Keywords in Your Job Description to Boost Views

Corinna Kraemer

January 26, 2022

    The search bar is the first place someone goes when they are looking to find a new job. Thousands upon thousands of searches are made every day by jobseekers looking to find something they need. What do candidates type into that search bar when they’re looking for a new position? Knowing those words and phrases are the keywords that will help you to craft the perfect job description so that the right candidate can find your open position, helping you cut through the clutter and find quality hires.

    YM Careers Network understands how to make a job posted on a YM Careers job board searchable on Google, which pushes it to Google for Jobs. But crafting your job post correctly is the key to make sure your job gets pulled into searches and display at the top of the results by using keywords strategically. You have the ultimate power over how your job listing is found online.

    If you want candidates to find your job in their online searches, use the keywords your candidates are searching for in your job description and position title.


    Recruitment is the game, and optimization is your secret weapon to win. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a powerful tool you can use to get the right keywords to attract hard-to-find talent. All it takes is a little brainstorming.

    Determining the best keywords for your job posting starts with a few initial questions:

    • What are some relevant words or phrases related to your open position?
    • Imagine you are a jobseeker. What would you type into a search bar if you were looking for this job?

    Write everything down from your brainstorming session to start a list of phrases that might be useful for your job description. To get more ideas you can look at similar job postings from recruiters and employers or use a keyword research tool online.

    When using keywords and phrases, the more specific the better. Try to nail down exactly what someone would be looking for. More general terms and phrases will pull up search results that are not necessarily relevant to your position, which means the wrong candidates may apply. Use terms that are specific enough to draw in the right people, but also not so nuanced that no one will ever find the post. Targeted, industry and role-specific language is best.


    Other things to brainstorm when making your list of keywords:

    • Employer and brand-specific terms: Employ any phrases used in marketing the company or brand that jobseekers would recognize.
    • Location-based words: Jobseekers tend to narrow their search by location unless they are looking for remote work. If you do have remote positions, be sure to use that in your post as well!
    • Industry-specific phrases: Include technology that is specific to the job, actions that might be performed, and certifications or skillsets that someone would use in the role.
    • Position title alternatives: Are there other titles used for your job? Be sure to include the most common titles for the position somewhere in the description so that it shows up in more results.
    • Abbreviations and acronyms: List any shorthand that might be used in reference to the job or while performing a job function. Do not include these if they will just confuse applicants – only if they are relevant.

    More key SEO tools to remember:

    • The position title is the most important part of your post when it comes to getting candidates to look at the position and apply. The position title needs to be listed in the job description so that search engines will find it and determine where to list it. Having a concise, targeted position title is a powerful way to attract candidates.
    • Search engines look through text only, so the job description must include keywords to get pulled into results!
    • Using bullet points in your job description makes them easier to read and for candidates to quickly understand the nature of the role.
    • In addition to a well-crafted job title, you can use 3-5 of the keywords you brainstormed and make sure to use them in many places while writing the job description. This will increase the posting’s relevance in search results. Be careful not to overuse a phrase – if it feels like overkill, it is.

    Remember – keywords are your key to success! Utilize the power of keywords to attract quality candidates to your job posting through SEO. Discover how YM Careers Network can help you recruit hard-to-find talent through their trusted professional communities.

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