6 Tips you Must Know for Recruiting Generation Z Talent

Corinna Kraemer

May 12, 2022

    Generation Z, generally considered to include anyone born between 1997 and 2012, has officially joined the workforce – and their influence has already been noticed. Their workplace habits and personal values are understood to be one of the major driving forces behind the great resignation.

    Known for their dedication to social justice, a strong sense of individuality, and a desire for entrepreneurship, this generation is shaking up the way associations function and what career support services are most in demand.

    Here, we’ve highlighted critical facts about Gen Z and how they’ll affect interactions with recruiters.

    1. Gen Z seeks balance and well-being in a career.

    In fact, numerous surveys have shown that Generation Z values salary less than all previous generations. Instead, focus on other key offerings that make your association supportive of employee wellbeing such as:

    • Flexible time off
    • Childcare options
    • Remote work flexibility
    • Fitness incentives
    • Tuition remission
    • Healthcare plans
    • Family leave
    • Volunteer time off

    Remember that wellness comes in many different types and can be interpreted differently by each prospective candidate.

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    2. They’re worried about college affordability.

    Generation Z is at a crux on college: 67% indicate affordability as a barrier to their college enrollment; however, 81% say they believe that college is crucial to starting a career. You can support Gen Z candidate concerns with these ideas:

    3. Gen Z is passionate about making the world a better place.

    Generation Z is extremely tuned-into the world’s problems; their strongest concerns include sustainability, mental health, and inclusion – and they want to work for companies with similar values. Utilize these tips to attract Gen Z talent:

    • Follow inclusive hiring practices to level the playing field for all applicants. Inclusive hiring recognizes candidate diversity and embraces a wide range of qualities and perspectives that candidates bring to the organization.
    • Highlight small and large measures your company takes to be eco-friendly such as employee rideshare programs, composting initiatives, and even awards.
    • Emphasize offerings like volunteer time off, donation matching, or company-wide service projects that give back to communities. Check out Salesforce’s Circle the Schools program for inspiration.

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    4. Gen Z is the most tech-savvy generation to date.

    98% of Gen Z-ers own a smartphone, which they check on average over 80 times a day. However, many Gen Z-ers loathe email; they prefer instant messaging and texting instead. In response, you should:

    • Provide an opt-in service for candidates to receive a text on their application status.
    • Utilize smartphone-compatible applications and websites.
    • Confirm interviews and conversations via text message.
    • Initiate conversations via text or instant messages on LinkedIn.

    5. Gen Z craves face-to-face communication.

    Despite their love for technology, Generation Z still highly values in-person conversations. In fact, 68% of Gen Z employees desire working either hybridly or fully in person.

    • Offer candidates an opportunity to tour their potential workplace instead of having the entire interview process be on Zoom.
    • Emphasize networking, mentoring, and socializing opportunities your association offers.
    • Attend in-person career fairs in your hiring region.

    6. Gen Z expects instant access to data and information.

    In the age of Alexa, Siri, and Google searches, Generation Z is accustomed to getting instant information at any time. Along with instant information, they also want instant results and gratification.

    • Update your association’s talent website as frequently as possible. For example announcing new job postings, hiring freezes, and closing filled positions.
    • Create FAQ pages to answer questions asked by applicants or prospective applicants – you could even use a chatbot.
    • Speed up candidate timelines and decrease wait times between interview rounds.
    • Build an auto-reply that sends applicants a message for receipt of application, missing materials, and invitations for an interview.

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