Month-to-Month Checklist for Your Summer Recruitment!

In the workplace, summer is typically a time of lazier days, much-needed vacations, and a lighter load. That is, unless you’re trying to hire for open positions.

With so many workers out of office, candidates can be slow to respond (if at all), and the talent pool seems to dry up a bit. Get on top of your hiring game with a handy checklist for your summer hiring goals, and you’ll be swimming in applications!


It is officially summer! Time to look at the big picture of your hiring goals. Get ahead of all the vacations by starting the month reaching out to candidates before they leave. They are more likely to respond if you catch them before they’ve gone, so you’re not stuck in the dreaded inbox when they return.

But before you get started, first check in with yourself to be sure you know what you need to accomplish, and what is your priority.

  • How many open roles do you need to hire?
  • What’s your recruitment budget?
  • Where will you post your jobs? What places are you using to source hard-to-find talent?
  • Who needs to be involved in the ultimate hiring decision?

Use these check-in questions to get oriented around what needs to happen to get your positions filled and then build a strategy. Preparation goes a long way and helps to let you know who to reach out to and when. Manage your timeline with your and your colleagues’ vacations in mind to keep expectations realistic. If you are currently towards the end of the recruitment process for a role, make the big decision in the next couple weeks before summer is in full swing.

To Do List for July Recruitment:

  • Figure out the number of open roles that need to be filled.
  • Write down your summer recruitment budget.
  • Decide which sites you will be using to post jobs and where you will source candidates from.
  • Make a list of all people involved in the decision-making for each hire.
  • Contact all persons involved to coordinate around vacation schedules.
  • Share a calendar that can be updated and used to track out of office time.
  • Touch base with candidates already in your pipeline to ask about upcoming trips; update your recruitment calendar accordingly. Let them know when you will be out of town as well.
  • Talk to the decision makers to learn what need-to-have qualities you are looking for.
  • Get positions in front of hard-to-reach talent by working with a recruitment specialist, who can help place your jobs on multiple associations with qualified candidates and will track needed renewals and bulk postings.

If you don’t have any positions that need to be filled this summer, use the time to get ahead of the game. Solidify your candidate pipeline and stay in touch with anyone you’ve interviewed in the past. Get your sources set up for the fall.

This checklist should put you in a good place to fill your positions while still enjoying your own summer!

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