What is the most important part of a job ad?

After a year and a half of mostly remote work by a substantial part of the business world, employers are starting to rethink the traditional concept of paying people a salary based, in part, on where they live.

As time goes on and many jobs are moving to entirely remote settings, employers are able to offer salary ranges without being tethered to a specific office building. Large tech companies, like Reddit, are paving the way for pay equality across the globe based on job title instead of zip code.

Is phasing out location-based pay the next movement in pay equality?

While the future is uncertain, we know that nothing lasts forever. The Equal Pay Act of 1963 requires that men and women at the same workplace be given equal pay for equal work. While this federal law was enacted decades ago, we are still working as a country to have it fully realized in some fields and industries.

It’s no surprise that employees want to know they are being fairly compensated for their work. It is also extremely easy for individuals to find salary ranges base on job title and location online. The emerging trend is a stronger emphasis on applying to jobs that include salary information.

More and more recruiters are including salary information in their job descriptions to attract top talent to their hard-to-fill opportunities.

For talent acquisition professionals, providing fair pay and salary transparency are valuable tools for attracting premium talent. That’s because most job seekers look first at salary and benefits when reviewing job postings. So, make their research process easy by including the salary range, as well as a link to your company’s review ratings and profile in the job description.

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Target top talent in your industry

Focus your recruitment budget on reaching thousands of candidates with the specific skills and experience you require. Registered members and job seekers that belong to the professional associations in the YM Careers Network are among the most highly qualified and sought-after professionals.

Access the right candidates

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Include compelling company information

Include compelling company information in your job ad. Job seekers are looking for something that was missing in their past or current role. Be sure to include noncash benefits that will appeal to those potential pain points.

The hard-to-reach candidates you want are looking for the best “next” opportunity. Provide the right information to paint a realistic picture of what they can expect at your company. If you want to attract the right applicants, be sure to include all the information they want to see, such as salary information.


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