Career Planning Portal

Offer your members the insights they need to research, plan and develop their careers and be the ultimate career planning destination.

The Career Planning Portal is included with every YM Careers Job Board.

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Career Planning Portal

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The Career Planning Portal gives members access to relevant industry career content and resources to help them plan for career success.

Career Planning Portal includes:

Career Insights

Career Insights

Detailed data including salary, education and skills requirements, activities performed, outlooks for job growth, related jobs and more, helps members make informed career decisions.
Career Advice

Career Advice

Your career center will be the only resource your members turn to for the coaching support and resources they need to build their dream career.
Career Paths

Career Pathing

Give your members a clear roadmap to reach their professional goals with an online tool to visualize the steps from the job they have today to their dream job.

The Career Planning Portal allows members the ability to gain access to relevant industry career content and help them plan their own careers paths.

Engage More Members

Engage More Members

Members and job seekers rely on you to learn about other opportunities in your industry, increasing their career center engagement and overall session time.
Generate Awareness

Attract New Industry Professionals

Help professionals see and understand the great career opportunities that your field or industry provides.
Increase Traffic

Increase Traffic and Membership

Drive more traffic to your career center that can be converted to membership and that makes your career center more valuable to the employers who advertise on it.

Merge career insights, advice, and paths to help members advance their careers.

“Day in the Life” videos help members experience what a specific job is like on a daily basis.
Activities, Knowledge, Skills
Show members the relevant activities, knowledge, and skills they need to achieve future success.

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