2024 Trends in Healthcare Recruiting

Ciara Cosmai

February 28, 2024

    In the healthcare world, the dynamic is constantly changing. This is also true for recruiting in the healthcare sector and is extremely important in providing the best care for patients. As 2024 continues, certain recruiting trends are starting to become more prominent, forcing organizations to adapt to secure the best talent possible. Here are just some of the 2024 trends in the healthcare recruiting world.  

    Artificial Intelligence in the Recruiting Process 

    A new trend in the healthcare recruiting world is using artificial intelligence (AI) to screen candidates. This allows organizations to use technology to screen candidates based on their skills, experience, or other key components that are listed on their resumes. The use of AI makes screening and sorting through resumes more efficient so that they can get through numerous applications quickly. 65% of recruiters are already using AI in the recruiting process and more than 73% of companies are planning to invest in recruitment automation. 

    The Need for Virtual Interviews 

    Virtual interviews are also now extremely popular. 82% of employers use virtual interviews and 93% of employers plan to continue using them. This allows potential candidates from anywhere around the world to apply for the same jobs. Recruiters can now recruit and hire a more diverse workforce because the pool of candidates has expanded. This, of all things, is extremely important because hiring the right talent can make or break providing the best possible care for patients. It is also beneficial to the candidate, as they can now apply and consider other opportunities that they may not have had before. Using platforms like Microsoft Teams, Zoom, Skype, and many other video platform tools can also be helpful in interviewing candidates more rapidly so that an open position may be filled sooner.  

    Telehealth Services & Hybrid/Remote Work 

    Ever since the pandemic began, telehealth services have become the new normal. This means that there are new positions for recruiters to fill in the healthcare sector. You now need someone proficient in their healthcare knowledge and well-versed in technology. Aside from the person who is consulting with patients, because technology is involved, you also need IT and support staff. Along with this, patient coordinators are needed to ensure people are receiving the best care possible. And because all of this is done via technology, hybrid and remote work options are becoming increasingly popular in the healthcare field.  

    Four-Day Workweeks 

    In the healthcare world, four-day workweeks are becoming an increasingly popular trend. The desire for four-day workweeks is a clear sign that candidates want more work-life balance when looking for a new career in the healthcare sector. 56% of employees would rather work a 40-hour work week in four days instead of five days, and 77% said there was increased productivity when working a four-day week. With the introduction of generation Z into the workforce, who tend to favor work-life balance over anything else, more and more potential candidates are inquiring about the possibility of a four-day workweek. 

    2024 Trends in Healthcare Recruiting 

    Because there is such high competition in the healthcare recruiting industry, staying ahead of emerging trends is imperative to securing and maintaining the best talent. Being able to adapt and continuing to do research to stay informed will be the most important factors in maintaining an edge over the competition. 

    As 2024 continues to unfold, adapting to the trends in healthcare recruiting is going to be imperative to securing top talent for your organization. Trends like AI in screening resumes, virtual interviews, telehealth services, and four-day workweeks are just some of the important emerging trends that you should look out for. While the healthcare sector is constantly evolving, staying ahead of the game in adopting and implementing important industry trends can make the process easier. And as always, YM Careers Network can help you recruit the right candidates that will seamlessly integrate into your organization. 

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