How to Increase Job Exposure

The key to a successful job posting is exposure. You need to reach candidates on the sites and accounts they regularly visit, reach their inboxes, capture their attention as they browse websites, and visit their professional sites for industry news and information.

YM Careers Network gives employers access to millions of candidates in thousands of fields through our network of nearly 3,000 niche association sites. Here are four tips to get the most engagement with your job posts.

1 – Have your jobs emailed directly to niche professionals.

Our Job Flash™ email is sent directly to qualified industry professionals. It is the best way to reach passive candidates, who may not be actively looking for a new opportunity but might be interested if the right one comes along. A dedicated Network specialist works with you to ensure your job post is delivered to the right candidate pool.

Members and registered job seekers look forward to getting new, relevant job listings sent right to their fingertips. Thousands of talented professionals will see jobs whenever they pull up their email on a smartphone, tablet, or computer.

Job Flash emails are sent once or twice a month. Highlight your company and open positions from other listings by placing a banner ad at the top of the Job Flash email!

2 – Job Widgets

Get your job ad featured on a prime area of an association’s website. Visitors to the site will see your listing and be taken directly to your job. Widgets capture more passive candidates and get more eyes on your posting. We’ve seen job widgets grow job views 32% in the first 30 days. Just another exclusive advertisement option that makes it easier for niche candidates to find your job and has been proven to make a dramatic difference.

3 – Retargeting

You know those ads that follow you around on Instagram and Facebook, and onto the sidebar of an article you’re reading? Maybe you searched for a white recliner chair one day, and then for the next week your feed is filled with white chairs. When it comes to job postings, targeted ads work in favor of both the employer and the candidates.

Ads are placed in front of candidates in the specialized talent pools you’re looking for, based on their demographics and interests. You reach more passive candidates since they don’t need to change any of their online behavior to see your posting; your job will show up in the places they’re already visiting with no extra effort on their part. Retargeting ensures those candidates who are most likely to be qualified and interested will see your posting. The best part: the algorithm does all the work, and you get more views and applications!

The YM Careers Network team can help you set up retargeting on any job posting.

4 – Keywords and SEO

Use keywords in your job description to ensure your jobs rank highly on search engines like Google Jobs. Take the time to list the words you want to include in your description before writing it. Put yourself in the mind of the candidate before you post your job by thinking about the questions candidates would type into the search bar.

The niche professionals you want to hire will be more likely to find your job if those words and phrases are part of your posting. This is also important in roles that might have more than one position title. You can capture qualified professionals who may have worked under a different title but have the right experience by using strategic keywords.

Getting more job exposure is about making it easier for the niche candidates you’re looking for to find your jobs. If your job shows up in their email, when they’re browsing the web, when they log onto their association homepage, and in a google search, they’re much more likely to see it and apply. All these options to increase exposure are available in one location. Our team is happy to discuss any of these options to make sure you get the most exposure on your job ads.

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