Why Make Job Boards Part of your Recruitment Strategy

Why use an online job board?

While it’s true that word of mouth or internal sourcing can be powerful in building a candidate pipeline, the best way to market your open jobs is by posting them online to attract professional interest and source niche candidates for hard-to-fill positions quickly. Social media is another helpful advertising tool; however, it cannot replace the power of online job boards in reaching niche candidates. And aggregate or mass job boards just don’t cut it when you’re trying to get the attention of passive job seekers.

Look for these must-have features to identify the right job boards for posting your hard-to-fill roles.

The power of professional association job boards cannot be understated.

  • EMPLOYER BRANDING: Online job boards are a place to promote your employer brand to candidates within the industry. Within the job posting itself, you can describe your company culture, include links to company reviews, your company webpage, and social media communities. You can also direct job seekers to your applicant tracking system (ATS) if you want to keep track of applications outside the job board.
  • MORE BANG FOR YOUR BUCK: Posting on an online job board gets you in front of thousands of qualified professionals in your industry for a much lower cost than multiple listings. Increase your candidate audience and target only those candidates most likely to be a good fit.
  • LESS WORK: Established association job boards with specialized posting packages will maximize your reach to qualified candidates and minimize your workload. There’s an added benefit in having a single repository for job descriptions that can be refined for specific skills or locations and assigned to the right job seeker audience for talent acquisition professionals with recurring needs and positions to fill in multiple locations.
  • FIND DIVERSE TALENT: Niche job boards can also help you seek diverse talent by placing open roles on boards that focus on getting minority and disadvantaged candidates hired.

Pro tip: Association job boards are part of larger organizations with dedicated members who turn to their association for networking, support, education, and job opportunities. Many of these associations also have Resume Banks filled with candidates to reach out to and recruit proactively.

  • MORE QUALIFIED CANDIDATES: Avoid wasting time weeding through hundreds of unqualified applicants from job aggregator sites. Instead, post your jobs on specialized job boards to access the qualified talent you want to reach directly.
  • EMAIL MARKETING: Look for job boards that send your open positions directly to association members and active or passive industry job seekers. Hard-to-find professionals are difficult to reach through most recruitment channels, but dedicated jobs emails from their associations capture the attention of both passive and active jobseekers.
  • CUSTOMER SERVICE: When it comes to getting quality applicants and posting your job in the right places, having a little help (from an actual human in real-time!) is invaluable. Look for job boards with a dedicated recruitment specialist team to help you with your job description, posting, and strategic placement.
  • STAY ORGANIZED: Keep track of your open positions in one place. Online job boards allow you to tag your job posting with location, function, and keywords within specific industries and job titles to optimize your job listings in search results.

Niche online job boards offer the best return on investment for your recruitment budget and efforts. Cut through the clutter and reach out to one of our recruitment specialists today to get started.

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