How to Recruit and Secure Passive Candidates in 2022

Gina Durso

February 16, 2022

    Because of the abrupt move from an employer-driven to a candidate-driven market, recruiters, and employers in all industries are having to adjust tactics to source and retain top talent.

    With many of the most attractive applicants already taken, understanding how to target the ‘passive’ candidate is more critical than ever. Passive candidates are not found on job boards or on LinkedIn with the hashtag #OpenToWork. Essentially, they are not actively seeking new employment. But does that mean they are not interested?

    Make It Clear What is in It for Them

    Passive recruiting is all about demonstrating to qualified individuals why a position with your firm is the greatest potential fit for them.

    But how do you persuade them to leave the security of their current position and join your team? Give them an offer they cannot refuse (kind of). When recruiting passive prospects, you must persuade them that the grass is indeed greener on the other side.

    So, as an employer, what are the major things you should focus on to impress your ideal prospects and influence them towards your company? When actively pursuing passive applicants, there are numerous ways for organizations to differentiate themselves from the competition and secure the greatest fit for the job.

    Research Your Potential Candidates

    To ensure that you are investing your time and energy appropriately in attempting to recruit someone who is not actively looking for a new career, it is critical to determine what it is about them that makes them best suited to your opportunity. From the start, your communications with them should be more individualized and focused.

    Find out more about how long they have been in their current position, what you could offer them that their current employer cannot, and why does their experience make them a great fit for the role.

    Offer a Top Salary

    While this should be an easy decision, unfortunately, slapping a large salary on your offer and expecting it to do all the talking is not enough. Salary, however, will always be an essential pull for candidates, even if it is not the only deciding factor for job seekers these days. With both beginning salaries and temporary compensation increasing at a rapid pace, it is critical that the salary you give is appealing to prospective applicants – and in accordance with industry benchmarks.

    If Flex Work is an Option, Highlight It

    The ongoing Covid-19 pandemic has shifted the way in which a lot of roles function within companies. More people are opting for remote only work, while some still enjoy a hybrid work model. You can find one article after another highlighting the significant percentage of workers who say they would quit their current job if they were made to go back to the office full time.

    This will continue to be a prominent issue for candidates to consider in the new age of hybrid employment. Employers must seamlessly integrate and assist the new way of working if they want to attract — and keep — new talent, from early recruitment and onboarding procedures to long-term, flexible working rules.

    Let Your Company’s Culture & Values Shine

    It is critical to ensure that your company’s brand and values are consistently reflected across all platforms and communications if you want to stand out in the marketplace. Many candidates are becoming more aware of corporate principles and how they are implemented — both in policy and in the workplace. This could include diversity and inclusion initiatives, gender equality initiatives, a focus on work-life balance, or any other characteristics of your company’s culture that make it an attractive place to work.

    Build Up & Nurture Current Staff Relationships

    In the hunt for passive prospects, your present employees could become one of your most valuable assets. A positive evaluation can make or break a candidate’s decision to accept or decline an offer. If previous and current employees speak well of a company, it will generate a positive overall impression and provide all the proof needed to back up any statements about why a candidate should leave their current job for a different one.

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