8 Ideas to Increase Your Job Posting Traffic

Trish Young

October 13, 2021

    When posting a job online, the number one goal is for the right candidate to see it and then apply. If your post doesn’t get any traffic, then there’s no chance for that perfect person to see it.

    Career sites and job boards have thousands of job postings. Many job postings are great for job seekers, but they make it easy for one posting to get lost in the crowd. Therefore, it’s essential to know how to increase visibility and boost traffic to optimize your job posting performance.

    So, how can you get more eyes on your job posting? Here are some strategies to drive more traffic and get your posting in front of more qualified candidates:

    1. Keywords are key! What would a jobseeker type into a search bar when looking for your job? Are those key terms included in your job description and position title? Get inside job seekers’ heads when advertising your open roles. If your post doesn’t contain intuitive words that a candidate would search for, chances are it won’t come up in search results.
    2. Consider using video. In the age of social media, video has proven to capture and hold the attention of more users. A short video can be a unique way to showcase your employer brand, create more interest in your open positions, and drive traffic to your job postings. Interviews with current staff or highlighting employee benefits will capture potential applicants’ attention and push them to apply.
    3. Update and share! If you have a social media page, don’t forget to post and update job postings for your followers to see and share. Post open positions on your website and keep all openings up-to-date. Consistently refreshing your postings and adding reminders that you’re hiring will drive more traffic to your postings and tells job seekers that you are active and engaged.
    4. Niche job boards get you results. Instead of waiting for the right candidate to find you amidst a sea of job postings, post your position on a niche job board to be seen by a pool of hard-to-find talent. The YM Careers Network can ensure your post is placed on all the right boards for your industry, maximizing your ROI. Reach qualified candidates who are more likely to see and apply to open roles posted on their professional association’s career site.
    5. The power of email. YM Career Network’s Job Flash program will send your job postings directly to the inbox of passive and active job seekers who are members of our network. Job Flash emails have been shown to increase site traffic by up to 32%! Be sure to opt-in to this upgrade to get more traffic on your posting.
    6. Search Engine Optimization, also known as SEO, helps search engines like Google find and rank your postings in results. The keywords we mentioned before and headings, meta descriptions, position titles, and URLs all contribute to SEO. YM Careers Network has worked hard to ensure our sites are SEO-optimized. Make sure your job posting is too!
    7. Weird job titles alienate applicants. It may sound fun to make your position titles something like “Data Rockstar” or “Happiness Superhero” but often, strange position titles are alienating and off-putting. Biased language can prevent minority candidates from applying, and unknown titles will make it hard for anyone to find your posting in a search.Make it easy to share. Along the same lines as posting your job opening on social media or getting it into email blasts, make sure candidates have an easy way to share the posting. All jobs posted on a YM Careers Network board have a convenient “share” icon built into the functionality, so they’re easy to share or forward.

    Job postings are only effective if candidates see them. Therefore, your goal should be for as many qualified candidates to see your posting as possible. To get the most traffic:

    • Remember to pay attention to keywords and SEO.
    • Make your position titles clear and sharable.
    • Utilize email and social media to increase your job exposure.
    • Leverage niche job boards to get your position in front of the right people.

    Learn more about the recruitment solutions available on YM Careers Network. Speak with the Network Specialist for your area today!

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