A Guide to Filling Niche Roles Quickly & Easily

Trish Young

February 23, 2022

    As an employer or recruiter, you undoubtedly want to fill positions with the most highly qualified talent. However, this process can be difficult; recruiting for highly technical or other difficult-to-fill positions necessitates a new method and plan.

    Keep in mind that many of these difficult-to-fill occupations did not exist even ten years ago. Others demand such specialized skills or expertise that finding a suitable applicant may appear unattainable. Certain forms of skill may be more difficult to find in some regions. So, what’s the solution?

    You may fill hard-to-fill posts by combining traditional recruitment practices, such as job advertising, with more modern ones, such as tapping into employee networks and developing online initiatives.

    Leverage Social Media

    Create Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram accounts for your organization. Create a series of YouTube videos and blog posts to attract and network with candidates. By using social media, you can showcase what it’s like to work at your company and highlight why your staff enjoy working there. Using content to show prospects why your organization is so awesome is an excellent recruiting approach for difficult-to-fill roles.

    Leverage social media to advertise jobs


    Be sure to encourage all your staff to use social media to find potential candidates, especially recruiters and hiring managers. Provide employee training to teach them how to grow their online networks and how they can assist you find applicants. Meanwhile, keep track of which networks give you the greatest traction and outcomes so you can tailor your efforts.

    Use Employee Referrals

    Employee referrals are the most effective source of prospects, according to SHRM. Employee referrals are often of higher quality, close faster, and stay with your firm for a longer period of time than other candidates and what employer wouldn’t want all of that?

    Begin with these steps to develop an employee referral program at your firm and begin employing those difficult-to-fill individuals.

    Invest in Content Marketing

    Investing in content marketing helps to develop your reputation as a top employer, cultivate interest in your organization, and help applicants find your company easily when they search online. Generate and post original and compelling recruiting content that matters to your prospective candidates.

    For example, use email, social media, and online content to invite and drive job seekers to a recruiting happy hour or business meetup – wonderful ways to not only increase interest in your firm, but also to meet possible prospects in person.

    Write a Stand Out Job Description

    Use appealing wording that emphasizes the perks and rewards of working for your company. Instead of stating 15 qualifications that candidates must have to apply, use this moment to entice candidates and persuade them that they must work for you.


    Obviously, employment specifics must be given. However, keep in mind to add workplace advantages, benefits (for example, tuition reimbursement, health care, and paid vacation), career progression opportunities, and intriguing projects candidates may expect to work on.

    Identify what distinguishes your organization from others, notably your competitors. What makes you the best, without naming names? Include links to your company’s social media pages and Glassdoor profile so candidates can learn more about what it’s like to work for you.

    Expand Your Reach

    Do you want to win big? Target young individuals who are just starting out in their jobs. The more you can accomplish with interns and new graduates, the better. Job shadowing programs have always been a great program to implement when looking for fresh talent. These programs could include both high school and college students, depending on your industry.

    Know where to seek to find these individuals. 70% of Millennials learn about companies from friends or job boards. Furthermore, it is critical to understand what they are passionate about; add growth prospects, career advancement, and business culture highlights in your job descriptions. 80% of Millennials search for people and cultural fit with employers, followed closely by career possibilities – growth prospects are the most appealing perk to 60 percent of Millennials.

    At YM Careers Network we realize that finding quality job candidates for hard to fill positions isn’t easy. That’s why we leverage our relationships with organizations and associations to put your job openings in front of highly qualified, niche professionals. Speak to a recruitment professional today to get started.

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