4 Tips for Recruiting and Hiring in Higher Education

Ciara Cosmai

June 12, 2024

    Recruiting and hiring in the world of higher education can be difficult. Recruiting the best talent for your university is extremely important in making sure that you have the best resources for your student’s success and university reputation. Institutions like yours are constantly competing for the top spot and acquiring the best new hires could just put your university above the rest. Here are just some tips for recruiting and hiring in higher education. 

    Join an Association 

    Before you even begin to plan out a recruiting strategy, understanding the academic market is necessary. With the landscape constantly changing, it is important to do your research. One way you can get a better understanding of your demographic is to join associations related to your institution. You can join an association focusing on diversity such as The National Association of Diversity Officers in Higher Education (NADOHE), or an association that is specific to your college’s expertise such as The American College of Surgeons (ACS), or even an association that focuses on scholarships so that more students have the opportunity to attend your institution like National Scholarship Providers Association (NSPA). 

    Utilize Job Boards 

    Recruit where the best talent is. Utilize online job boards to hire in higher education. At YM Careers Network, we have a niche talent pool for every type of hard-to-fill job. We have job matching technology that targets the right job to the right professional so that you can get your posts seen by the most qualified candidates out there. With our unmatched network of niche association job boards, your job posts will reach active and passive candidates through targeted association emails, social media channels, websites, newsletters, and more.  

    Provide Competitive Benefits and Compensation 

    hire in higher education infographic

    Offering a compensation and benefits package that is competitive is crucial in hiring in higher education. Candidates have a vast variety of different institutions that they could work at. But what sets you apart? Make sure that the salaries you offer are reasonable and attractive in today’s market. 86% of higher education staff cite low pay as a top reason to seek employment elsewhere. If funds are tight, consider other ways to attract top talent. Bonuses and housing assistance are examples of some additional benefits you could provide a new hire. Also, make sure that your benefits are up to and above average. Time off, health insurance, and retirement plans are just some of the expected benefits.  

    Research and Invest in Retention Strategies 

    Once you have secured a great new hire, the next step is to get them to stay. Nurturing your new hire throughout their employment is going to be crucial in deterring them from leaving for an opportunity elsewhere. You can create mentorship opportunities and ways for your employees to develop professionally. Developing opportunities for leadership among peers and advancing their careers can play a big part in keeping your great new hires and even having them recommend your institution to others.  

    Recruiting and Hiring in Higher Education 

    Recruiting and hiring in higher education is no easy feat. To be successful, it requires a well-thought-out strategic plan to remain on top and attract the best talent. But, by joining an association, utilizing job boards, providing competitive benefits and compensation, and researching and investing in retention strategies, you can make the road to maximizing the potential of your institution to the next level. And as always YM Careers Network can help you recruit the best talent in higher education and promote your open positions to get them in front of as many qualified candidates as possible. 

    Do you need help finding qualified higher education staff to fill your job openings? YM Careers Network can help you today!

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