Recruiting Physicians for Your Healthcare Organization

Recruiting qualified physicians is an important aspect of crafting a successful healthcare organization. Because the demand for good physicians is so high, it is important to be strategic when attracting and recruiting these professionals. Here are just some tips for recruiting physicians for your healthcare organization. 

Identify your Organizations Needs 

What are your organization’s goals? What are you looking to accomplish? These are important questions to ask yourselves when coming up with a strategy to recruit new physicians. Having your recruitment professionals involved in these strategy meetings can be a good way to keep your recruitment and your company’s goals aligned.  

Technology & Social Media 

Technology and social media play a huge role in people’s daily lives. This is especially true in the recruiting world where more and more aspects are going digital. Social media can be an increasingly powerful tool. Utilize platforms like LinkedIn to create varying content that will show your organizations values and culture. You can also use other social media sites such as Facebook and Instagram to build and maintain a brand presence. Of the 90% of physicians who use Facebook, 70% do so daily, half of whom do so several times a day. Another thing you can do is utilize online job boards. At YM Careers Network, you can quickly and efficiently recruit the best physicians possible through our 1000 plus associations healthcare job boards. Your jobs are targeted to the right members and job seekers, broken down by specialty, location, education, experience level and more.  

Hybrid and Flexible Work Opportunities 

It is no secret that people are prioritizing work-life balance more than ever before. Hybrid and flexible work options are highly sought-after when potential candidates are looking for new work. Telehealth has become increasingly more popular, and this gives physicians the opportunity to work remotely while still meeting with patients and fulfilling their needs. Sixty-nine percent of surveyed practices allow their physicians or licensed providers to work remotely some or all the time. When recruiting physicians, it is essential to acknowledge the possibility of burnout due to the stressful nature of work. Allowing for a flexible schedule and offering reasonable time off can be a convincing selling point to potential candidates.   

Research & Gather Feedback 

Finally, continuously gather feedback from new and current hires so that you can recognize areas to improve upon. Do research on current market trends and make it a priority to understand your physicians and how they are thinking and feeling. Make sure to conduct exit interviews and figure out why physicians are leaving and what can be done to keep good employees. If you are constantly evaluating ways to improve, this can help you stay ahead and be successful when recruiting physicians for your healthcare organization. 

Recruiting Physicians for Your Healthcare Organization 

Recruiting Physicians for your healthcare organization entails a well-thought-out, strategic approach. By identifying your organization’s needs, utilizing technology and social media, providing hybrid and flexible work opportunities and continuously doing research and gathering feedback, you can be better prepared when recruiting physicians in today’s competitive job market. And as always YM Careers Network can help you recruit top-tier physicians and promote your open positions to get them in front of as many qualified candidates as possible. 

recruiting physicians infographic

Do you need help finding qualified physicians to fill your job openings? YM Careers Network can help!

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