Top  4 Priorities for Hiring Talented Veterinarians

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the number of veterinary jobs is expected to increase by 16% from now to 2029 due to increased spending on pet supplies and needs of consumers (this is incredibly high compared to the average expected growth for all occupations, at around 4%).

Demand from pet owners for top-of-the-line services such as cancer treatment and kidney transplants has grown as veterinary technology and medicine has improved, along with an increasingly common attitude of seeing pets as a member of the family. Many people turned to their pets for comfort during the pandemic or became first-time pet owners to help with isolation.

With all this in mind, you’re likely strategizing how best to recruit qualified candidates for these in-demand positions. So how do you get the attention of qualified, in-demand candidates?

We’ve got a few tips for you to get the attention of veterinarians, technicians, lab caretakers and assistants, researchers, and more:

1. Onboarding and Training

Retention should always be the goal of recruitment, and the first step to retaining great candidates once they’re in the door is onboarding, training, mentorship, and growth opportunities. Advertise your onboarding process during recruitment and interviews so that candidates know their seamless integration into your team is a priority.

Offer virtual options for training if necessary and connect new hires with those more experienced on your team to create comradery, a stronger sense of satisfaction, optimism in the workplace, and set yourself up for an internal candidate pipeline.

2. Planning

The increased demand for veterinary services is putting more strain on yourself and your team. For that reason and the general unpredictability of future events, it is an innovative idea to start looking for additional resources well before you have a need. Network with colleagues and seek out connections with top talent on the chance a position on your team becomes available.

Creating a talent pipeline helps shorten the hiring process significantly, which could mean the differences between spending months looking for candidates and weeks.

3. Creative Branding

To capture the attention of potential candidates to your veterinary practice, you need to draw their attention. Visuals, insider photos, interviews, personal touches, or ads with a sense of humor can get job seekers excited about your company and workplace culture.

Those working in the veterinary industry love animals, so why not incorporate animals into your brand? Get creative and think outside the box of traditional employer branding (maybe even a music video!) Make your brand memorable and fun, just like your employees and your patients!

4. Get Assistance from Recruitment Specialists

The biggest hurdle in recruiting qualified veterinary candidates is getting your job in front of them, especially those who are already employed but might be interested if the right opportunity comes along.

The YM Careers Network can help you put your hard-to-fill positions in front of thousands of qualified members of organizations and associations in our veterinary network via their job boards, email sends, retargeting, and more. Refine and quicken the hiring process by letting our team do the heavy lifting.

Start filling your veterinary positions!

Talk to a recruitment specialist today to get the right package tailored for your needs.

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