How to Recruit the Top Veterinary Professionals

Calysta Longnecker

April 17, 2023

    The Animal Health Industry and Veterinary professions show a promising future as the employment of veterinarians is estimated to increase by 19 percent from 2021 to 2031, surpassing the average growth rate of all occupations during the same period. This trend bodes well for individuals pursuing careers in veterinary fields, however, employers are grappling to find qualified candidates to fill the surge of job vacancies. 

     Understand your Team Before Recruiting 

    Before beginning the recruitment process, it is essential to have an understanding of your team and their existing strengths. This introspective approach to recruiting veterinarians not only enables employers to identify any inefficiencies in their processes but also assists in determining the necessary resources and personnel required for sustainable and consistent growth.  

    Your Online Appearance Matters 

    Prospective candidates are likely to look at your website, Google Reviews, and social media profiles. It is crucial to ensure that your company’s online presence aligns with your values, mission, and the services you offer. Attracting talent can be facilitated by generating brand awareness for your company and its values.  Build your organizations identity by creating a free Company profile on an association job board. This helps recruit veterinarians by catering to specific industry professionals.  

    Networking Is the Best Practice 

     Networking is a critical practice in all professions, especially in recruiting veterinarian medicine. Participating in conferences, career fairs, and meetings, whether as a host or attendee, provides an opportunity to establish connections with potential applicants. This helps streamline the recruitment process by facilitating an initial assessment of a candidate’s character in person, thus saving time on multiple interviews. Learn how to make career fairs work for you. 

    Increase levels of starting salary and compensation 

    As the demand for these positions grows, there is an increasing competition among employers to recruit and hire the best veterinarians. As a result, the salaries and the costs associated with recruiting and retaining employees are on the rise. To navigate this scenario, it is crucial to assess the salaries of your current staff as well as those of the new hires you want to bring onboard. By analyzing the current compensation rates, you can ensure that your salaries are competitive enough to attract and retain the best candidates.  

    Discuss the Benefits 

    In this job market, the balance of power has shifted in favor of the job seekers and candidates. They have the upper hand, and as a result, are less concerned with impressing their potential employers and more focused on whether the employer is the right fit for them. This trend is evident in the Animal Health Industry and Veterinary profession, where burnout is becoming a concern. To attract and retain veterinarians, it’s crucial to discuss the flexibility of your workplace and work arrangements with potential candidates. This can help ensure that future employees feel supported and valued, which can lead to higher job satisfaction, lower turnover rates, and increased productivity.  

     As evident from the above discussion, achieving success in recruiting top talent requires a comprehensive understanding of your organization and the industry it operates in. Therefore, when searching for your next ideal candidate, it’s important to keep the points mentioned above in mind. By doing so, you can ensure that your recruitment efforts are aligned with your company’s goals and values, and that you are able to attract and retain the best talent that fits your organization’s needs.  

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