7 Sourcing Secrets for Finding and Retaining Top Niche Talent

Trish Young

April 20, 2022

    7 Sourcing Secrets for Finding and Recruiting Top Niche Talent in 2022

    When hiring specialized or niche talent, you’re faced with several challenges. There’s the fiercely competitive market, an absence of talent when you need it, and the frustration of matching the perfect candidate to a role only to discover that person is no longer available.

    Finding niche talent can feel challenging; however, it doesn’t have to be that way. Sourcing specialized talent may mean you are dipping into a small talent pool, but that shouldn’t stop you from thinking big.

    Here are seven sourcing secrets that will make finding that elusive perfect candidate much easier.

    1. Re-qualify your positions

    Finding the best talent is often about thinking beyond the confines of the usual profile. If an individual has a skill set that is relevant to a position but is currently working within another industry, they shouldn’t be ruled out.

    Talent without direct experience can not only fill a talent requirement but often adds value by bringing in new skills and best practices. A shining example of this technique in action is London’s Great Ormond Street Hospital consulted none other than Ferrari’s Formula One Pit Stop team to help them improve their intensive care patient handover process.

    When struggling to fill a niche vacancy, shift your attention away from the “typical profile” and instead realize (as Google, Facebook and other successful startups have done) that the best hires are not always a “perfect fit” on paper.

    2. Go global to find niche talent

    Sourcing internationally dramatically widens your talent pool, gives you access to the best skills and experience in the industry, and increases your company’s competitive advantage. Furthermore, international candidates provide cross-cultural perspectives, and a diverse workforce helps to encourage creativity and foster innovation.

    If you are looking to relocate candidates, ensure your relocation packages are competitive. Relocation guides can also help candidates make that all important decision about whether to relocate or not.

    3. Use contractors

    Why not consider contractors when looking to fill highly specialized, time-sensitive, or project-based assignments? Professionals who work on a contract basis are often the most skilled, most sought-after candidates in the industry. Therefore, if you are looking for a micro-niche skill set, it may be worth consulting the contract market.

    Furthermore, due to their high level of flexibility, contractors can be available with little notice or for short periods of time. If looking for a highly-skilled professional to work on a short-term project or looking to fill a position as quickly as possible, a contractor could be the perfect solution for you. Alternatively, a contractor could be employed as an interim employee while you look to find a permanent candidate.

    4. Use targeted content to attract passive, niche talent

    According to one of LinkedIn’s Global Recruiting Trends surveys, 46% of respondents expect to see the boundaries between recruitment and marketing blur over the next five to ten years. Niche talent acquisition will be driven by better candidate experiences, greater social media presence, and stronger employer brands going into the future.

    A consistent, engaging digital presence is a great way to nurture connections with candidates who may not be actively looking for a new role. Go one step further with this strategy by using specialized social mapping techniques to profile the online behavior of niche candidates and engage them with relevant, bespoke content. Learn where, when, and what your candidate pool engages with online to do this successfully.

    YM Careers Network can market your jobs to passive, niche candidates to fill your recruiting initiatives. Find out how.

    5. Host networking events

    Alternatively, engage with your target candidates by hosting relevant events and networking opportunities. As well as adding value, there is no better recruitment tactic than meeting potential candidates face-to-face and developing a personal connection. In fact, according to a report from ABC News, 80% of jobs are landed through networking.

    Why not host a panel discussion debating a key industry topic, organize a webinar outlining key industry trends, or coordinate a networking event for like-minded professionals to meet one another and share views?

    6. Offer flexibility

    If you are looking to secure the best niche talent, you need to offer a great package in return – and that includes an option for flexible working schedule and location. It’s 2022 and every employer now knows that to attract top talent, flexibility is a must. In fact, it’s a top priority for 95% of knowledge workers. What’s more, 50% of respondents in a recent Harris Poll said they would leave their current role for one with more flexibility.

    Offering greater flexibility in the form of on site, hybrid or remote work location, and flexible schedules not only attracts candidates but also improves retention. Additionally, studies have found flexible working to offer a host of other benefits, including improving employee health, reducing stress, increasing productivity, and reducing costs.

    7. Re-sell the opportunity

    When recruiting niche talent, it’s vital to make every opportunity sound as appealing as possible to the right candidates. One of the most common reasons that employers fail to secure the best talent is because they haven’t articulated the opportunity in a way that appeals to the right people. Understand what motivates the talent pool you are hiring and consistently communicate this throughout the hiring process to ensure you find the best talent for your role.

    Of course, once you have found your ideal candidate the next step is to secure them with a great offer they can’t refuse. YM Careers Network can help you do that too!

    Learn how YM Careers Network can market your open, niche roles to millions of active and passive specialty candidates.

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