Navigating the Waves of Veterinary Recruitment

Elizabeth Rison

June 30, 2022

    What is the state of the veterinary industry in 2022? In the last two years this industry has seen rapid growth, all while trying to navigate changes and take on new patients during a global pandemic. So how are veterinarians doing and how are the open positions being filled? Let us explore the industry’s growth and ways veterinarians can recruit top talent into their clinics and animal hospitals to help fill those open opportunities.

    A Look at the Numbers

    Everyone loves cuddling with a sweet puppy or small kitten, but behind those cuddles is a hard-working industry full of veterinarians, vet technicians, and office teams working to keep everything running smoothly. The growth in the industry has a ripple effect on everyone involved so it is important to remember all the various roles that are needed to keep an animal clinic open and fully functional.

    The pandemic provided the best opportunity for many to become a pet parent as it allowed more time at home to train and bond with pets. Being a pet parent can be great for your health, providing the opportunity for daily walks and fresh air with your furry friend. Some remarkable statistics from show the volume of pet households in America today: Currently, 67% of American households are pet friendly. This is a considerable leap in pet households if you compare the number to 1988; pet friendly homes have increased by 20% in just a little over 30 years. At that pace it is no wonder we are seeing job openings for veterinarians and office staff at a rapid rate. There is a lot of conversation around millennials in the workplace but in this piece, I would like to share that 73% of millennials (1981-1994) have a pet! This generation is really contributing to some of the growth we are seeing in the industry today.

    What’s Next?

    Getting a perspective on the number of pet households really helps us understand the growth which then translates to hiring in the industry. To help prevent burnout in the industry and early retirement, now is the time to start actively training and recruiting veterinary talent. Let us explore ways to find new talent for the veterinary industry since we last talked about recruiting veterinarians.

    1. How are you getting the word out?

    How is your veterinary office or hospital posting jobs from front office management to vet techs and veterinarians? Have you thought about posting positions with local and national associations? According to TeleVet, jobs in the veterinary field are projected to grow 16% from 2019 to 2029. The great part of posting with veterinary associations is that your job posting will be viewed by the association’s members and job seekers, so you know those potential candidates are already interested in the industry and have some level of experience. Social media can also play a big role in finding top talent. Utilizing various platforms can be helpful ways to reach audiences from all over the country to pull traffic to your website for employment information.

    Some other ideas for exposure to get your job out to interested veterinary professionals is through a career fair. Purchase a booth at a local career fair, association conference, or university career fair to get in front of searching talent. The exposure of being with active candidates can get you in front of your next hire – literally! Check out opportunities from programs at local community colleges and universities. Is there a university near you with a veterinary program? Learn more about the universities that have vet schools as there may be opportunities to sponsor programs or speak at college events. This is a great way to make connections with the newest generation of veterinarians and soon to be graduates.

    2. How are you attracting talent to your animal hospital?

    Getting the right job exposure is key to finding the right talent. Does your website provide information about your animal hospital? Is there an “about us” page so candidates can learn more about your organization? If you have a mission statement, is that listed on your website?

    Make sure these items are clear to your job candidates so they can feel comfortable applying for your position and get excited to work for your organization. Job candidates are looking for an inviting and positive work environment. You can also list the services your practice provides so that candidates can understand the types of duties they might encounter in their day-to-day roles. You can even have testimonials from current employees explaining what it is like to work at the organization.

    Host open houses to your community, such as “meet the team night”. This is a great opportunity for exposure to your vet clinic allowing potential candidates to meet you in a casual setting. Candidates can meet the veterinarians, vet techs and office staff to get an idea of the company culture. If your vet clinic participates in service projects for local animal shelters, make sure you highlight that. Candidates love the opportunity to work for an organization that gives back to the community. It could even be as simple as your location holding a drive for donations of pet food and toys for rescue groups and shelters. In today’s job market, candidates want the ability to grow their career but also to give back at the same time.

    3. How to expand your recruitment exposure

    We talked briefly about how you can reach a niche group of veterinary candidates through exposure on association career centers and job boards. YM Careers Network can help maximize your exposure to fill those open positions quickly with the best talent. Since the industry is projected to grow in the next few years, it’s imperative to pre-plan now what your organization’s recruitment strategies will be in the next few years. Get an organized process in place to help with employee turnover, retirement, or career shifts so you are not left with open positions causing strain on your employees and patients.

    When you work with YM Careers Network, you have the opportunity for your job posting to run in Job Flash™ Emails, providing your open position the exposure to a niche talent pool. The main goal when posting your job openings is getting the right exposure to the most qualified individuals. The team at YM Careers Network can help you find the best options for your organization.

    As you can see, there are many opportunities to find the right talent for your veterinary clinic. How you reach your talent is up to you, but there are many opportunities that help you think outside the box to reach quality candidates. There is a team of professionals that can help make sure you are filling your next open role with someone who will be invested in your organization, which will help drive exception service and growth for your team.

    Learn more about how to expand your talent pool with YM Careers Network. Contact a Recruitment Expert today!

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