Recruiting Veterinary Specialists During a Talent Shortage

Trish Young

December 8, 2021

    The 2020 pandemic threw all industries into chaos, with the veterinary industry feeling many of those affects. However, the veterinary industry fared better than most. In fact, the industry is expected to grow by 7.8% over the next 5 years. This is partly because pet ownership has grown by 6% in 2020, up from previous years due to individuals and families spending more time in their homes.

    Correspondingly, the unexpected growth in the veterinary industry has put a strain on clinic and hospital staffing. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), certain occupations within the veterinary industry are expected to grow by 19% between 2016 and 2026. This means an additional 50,000 jobs will need to be filled by 2026. The median age of new graduates is increasing, and many veterinarians are nearing retirement. This means that, while job outlook in the industry is bright, a daunting strain will be put on hiring staff in the veterinary field.

    Within the veterinary industry there are two initiatives that all successful organizations focus on while finding top talent. Those are talent acquisition and employer branding. Talent acquisition is an overall business and HR strategy that factors in an organization’s long-term goals and acknowledges that people (or talent) can play a huge role in a company’s future successes.

    Finding and retaining top talent is at the core of talent acquisition. There are many places to find and recruit skilled veterinary talent. One great way to do this is by tapping into the members of professional associations to find potential candidates . These individuals tend to be committed to professional development with certified skills, education, and experience and make the best new hires.

    Did you know that by working with YM Careers Network you can connect with over 339,000 members of more than 24 professional veterinary associations?

    Employer branding is the second way that successful organizations attract and retain veterinary specialists. An employer brand describes an employer’s reputation in the industry and their employee value proposition. People want to be proud of where they work and employer branding can make that happen.

    Employers with positive branding will attract and retain more enthusiastic and engaged employees, which in turn leads to more revenue, lower attrition rates, and higher customer satisfaction. Building a strong, positive employer brand that resonates with veterinary professionals is key to acquiring highly skilled talent.

    Hiring for the veterinary industry takes time, effort, and preparation. Because the gap between the number of veterinary professionals and the number of job openings is going to become wider, recruiting top talent needs to be reliable and efficient. By building a strong employer brand, focusing on acquisition and retention, and building a comprehensive hiring plan, vacant veterinary specialist positions can be filled with little downtime.

    The best organizations know how important top talent is. YM Careers Network provides easy access to niche candidates with specialized skills and knowledge in the veterinary industry. With our unmatched network of veterinary association job boards, your job posts will reach the right professionals to efficiently drive top-quality hires.

    Reach out today to speak with a recruitment expert to fill your vacant veterinary specialist positions.

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